Dine Out Series: Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (Main St.)


Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Agent J: So we’ll be having a few retro blog posts about restaurants we went to a few weeks before we even started this blog. Today’s retro post is about Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. on Main St., a very neat and cozy restaurant that had a great $18 Dine-out Vancouver menu.

Agent B: First dine-out of the year! I’ve always wanted to try this place after a friend of mine recommended it.  Pizza is often my go-to food when I don’t feel like anything else, and I was kinda hoping for some non-fast food pizza, perhaps not quite the quality of a place like Bibo on West 4th but at least better than the chain stores.  They advertise themselves as sustainable and environmentally friendly but I always see that as kind of gimmicky.

J: I like that they’re making the effort, at least. All pizzas are home-made, and you can watch them do this at the front of the kitchen. The restaurant is extremely children-friendly. By this I mean there are play kitchens set up and every child gets a colouring sheet to have fun with. When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was that there were families there with children bouncing around. While this might distract some people, I didn’t mind it too much as the overall atmosphere of the restaurant was warm and family-friendly.

Now on to the food!

Honey Dijon Peppercorn Salad

Honey Dijon Peppercorn Salad

B: So since it was dine-out, we got a salad and a dessert with our pizzas.  You can also get a soup instead of salad or a pasta instead of pizza.  I had the Honey Dijon Peppercorn Salad which was underwhelming; I definitely expected more kick from the dijon and instead it was quite bland.

Fresh Basil and Blackberry Salad

Fresh Basil and Blackberry Salad

J: For my appetizer, I picked the Fresh Basil & Blackberry Salad, mainly because there were mangoes in it along with blackberry dressing. The salad was indeed satisfying, as the fruity flavours were evident and the portion was larger than I expected. However, I might be a bit biased since mangoes and berries happen to be some of my favourite fruits, but they definitely added a kick of tangy flavour to the salad.

Bradner Farm Pizza

Bradner Farm Pizza

B: J always has a knack for picking the better dishes for some reason.  The flatbread pizza I chose was Bradner Farm which is a rosemary lemon chicken pizza with pesto.  The pesto definitely made this pizza unique from other places with its distinct nutty flavour and the pizza was generally quite tasty though I prefer thin crust over thick crust.

Ocean Wise Pizza

OceanWise Pizza

J: I decided to be a bit adventurous and chose the Ocean Wise pizza which was topped with salmon, shrimp, pesto and asiago cheese. I found it tasted quite fishy, not overwhelming, but definitely the  main flavour of the pizza. It was obviously a seafood pizza, but I wasn’t super amazed as no other tastes really jumped out at me, and so the rest of the pizza began to taste kind of bland. Perhaps for me, a pizza isn’t the same without some ham or pepperoni!

Brownie with Ice cream

Brownie with Ice cream

J: Finally dessert came, and I had the Warm Double Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream. It was delicious! Unfortunately I almost gobbled it up so fast that Agent B didn’t get much at all…Anyways, it was just the perfect moistness that a brownie should be, and the chocolate glaze on top made it even better, without being too sweet.

Apple Cake

Apple Cake

B: She never shares anything with me that’s good.  I had the Apple Cake which I was expecting to be warm and kind of like an apple pie, but instead it was more of a cinnamon cake with some apples tossed in.  It wasn’t amazing and I regret not getting a brownie like J did.

Food (/5):
B: 2.5.
 Food was average, especially considering the price I’m paying for non-fast food pizza.  I’d rather spend an extra few dollars and go to Bibo for real italian pizza, or spend half of what I spent on a pizza joint.  The salad was bland and the dessert I didn’t even want to finish.

J: 3.5. The food was good, especially for a small cozy-style restaurant hidden on Main Street. I would come back because of the large variety of pizzas and other finds, and the neat organic twist they try to put into every dish. Some dishes are a hit and miss, but overall quality is great.

Service (/5):
B: 3. Service was patchy.  Hostess was friendly and took care of us but it seemed to take a while for a server to come take our order.  The salad came quite promptly but the pizza took longer than expected (or I was just really hungry).  To be fair, it was quite busy.  I’m not really here to pay for service so I guess that’s that.

J: 3. Service was friendly, as it should be. Nothing noticeably good or bad.

Overall Rating (/5):

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